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Even though our sex lives aren’t typically something that we discuss in extensive detail to anyone and everyone, everyone’s sex lives do in fact look very different. Sexuality itself is very complex and multifaceted.

Kink is a broad term that refers to a wide variety of consensual, non-traditional sexual, sensual, and intimate behaviours such as bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism and masochism, (BDSM), and erotic roleplaying. Within BDSM communities there are a vast range of individual preferences, kinks, fetishes, and scene structures.

Fetish is a more narrow term that describes people with an erotic or intimate interest in specific non-genital body parts, fabrics, smells, fluids, costumes and other non-human objects. The word fetish originates from the mediaeval Portuguese word ‘feitico’ which refers to religious relics with magical properties. In the 19th century the term came to mean a sexual fascination for a specific body part or object.

In my practice, I believe that it is crucial to remember that everyone has different turn ons and turn offs, and no matter what you’re into, we can work towards a sex positive and non-judgemental conversation to find what best works for you. As long as the sex that you are having is consensual, lawful, safe, non-exploitative, honest, protected from STIs / HIV / unwanted pregnancy, and pleasurable – then it should not be problematic. However, for some people, having specific sexual preferences can bring up uncomfortable feelings and emotions that can be helpful to explore.

If you are concerned, feel conflicted, or need advice on any topics similar to the above, please get in touch for a confidential chat.

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