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Relationship Therapy

Support for couples or multi-partnered people

Relationships can face all sorts of different ups, downs and challenges throughout their course. Whether you have been together for a couple of months or many years, relationships aren’t always plain sailing and need work from everyone involved.

Seeing a relationship therapist can be a great way to have a dedicated, open space to speak about your relationship with someone who is qualified at improving communication skills in couples, and can offer a professional, non-judgemental, and fair space for you to talk.

Why people seek relationship therapy:

  • Support with resolving a conflict
  • Experiencing loss of intimacy, differing sexual desires or interests
  • Going through separation or a divorce
  • Struggling with fertility, going through IVF, thinking about family planning or preparing for marriage
  • Negotiating non-monogamy / open relationships
  • Communication difficulties
  • Recovering from a betrayal or an affair

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