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Painful Sex

Therapy for people struggling with painful sex

Don’t let painful sex stop you from having a pleasurable and enjoyable sex life – let’s talk about it. You may have recently had surgery on your genitals and feel nervous about touch or penetration. You could be struggling with foreplay, inserting a tampons/period products or penetrative vaginal sex due to pain or discomfort. Or you might be experiencing painful anal sex. Whatever you might be experiencing, seeking professional help can be a great place to start.

There can be all sorts of factors that may be impacting painful sex, and in some cases painful penetration can need medical treatment for things such as skin conditions, childbirth injuries, post-surgery, urinary tract / bladder conditions, and/or other health conditions.

However, as a sex therapist I can help you with any psychological causes that may also be contributing e.g. trauma, fears and anxieties, relationship problems etc. As a professional, I will be able to conduct a comprehensive assessment to establish the support that you may need.

Don’t let painful sex stop you from having a positive experience with sex – speak to someone.

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