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Low Sexual Desire

Therapy for people who are struggling with a change or lack of sexual desire

Not feeling it anymore? A lack of desire for sexual activity can be due to many different factors in our lives. Rest assured, you are not alone, and low desire is extremely common and will likely happen to everyone at least once in their lives.

Whether you have noticed a recent change in your level of desire (higher or lower than usual), if you have never felt sexual attraction or desire before (and may identify as asexual), or you are struggling with a mismatch of desires in your relationship and need support managing this – sex and relationship therapy can really help.

Some (not limited to) factors that can contribute to a change in your desire:

  • Stress
  • Changes in life e.g. environment, home, grief, career, financial income
  • Relationship problems
  • Low testosterone levels (male bodied people)
  • Low self-esteem or body image issues
  • Medication and/or mental health conditions
  • Changes in sexual attraction or interests
  • Increased alcohol or drug use
  • A sexual function problem e.g. erectile dysfunction or painful sex

It is important to remember that everyone has different levels of desire when it comes to sex. What one person defines as low desire, may be another person’s high desire. There is no set desire that one should feel.

Don’t let this get in between your relationship or sex life – let’s talk about it.

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