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Unreliable Erections, Premature or Delayed Ejaculation

Therapy for male bodied people concerned about erection or ejaculation problems

People with penises struggle too and it’s perfectly ok to ask for help! Are you:

  • Struggling to maintain your erection during masturbation, partnered sex, or foreplay?
  • Concerned about ejaculating too ‘quickly’?
  • Worried about not being able to reach orgasm or taking ‘too long’?
  • Confused why you might be ‘performing’ fine during masturbation, but it feels different during partnered sex?

All of these situations are very common, in fact 50-55% of men aged between 40-70 experience erectile problems and it can usually be resolved. These types of issues can bring up lots of uncomfortable feelings and you may feel as though talking about it is the last thing you want to do, but I can assure you that chatting to a professional therapist can really help.

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